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The first time Gladio had ever seen Ignis drunk, Ignis had kissed him messily, and then fallen asleep with his head on Gladio's chest. Gladio hadn't minded one bit. Alcohol lowered Ignis's inhibitions, and it had been endearing and enlightening to find him happily affectionate.

This was the second time Gladio had found himself with an inebriated Ignis on his hands. It was Noct's fault, and Gladio was starting to suspect the best things in life often were, and that wasn't a complaint. They'd had dinner together at Noct's place, which was another way of saying Ignis had cooked and bossed Noct around while Gladio and Prompto got to sit back and enjoy the show. With the meal had been wine, which Noct had insisted upon despite Ignis's reservations, and Ignis had relented because Gladio had said it wouldn't feel right for him to drink if his master didn't. Gladio had caught Noct sneakily topping Ignis's glass off at intervals, and Noct and Prompto had teased Ignis about how slow he was to drink.

Goaded, Ignis had drained his glass, and then been given a second, and by the time Gladio had started to wonder if perhaps he should save his master from his friends, Ignis's face was a little flushed. Gladio escorted him home, and Ignis walked steadily until they got through their own front door. Then he'd turned.

“Were you conspiring with them, or are you just a terrible bodyguard?” Gladio had looked almost offended, until Ignis had raised a finger against any incoming protests, and declared, “I may be a lightweight, Gladio, but I am not this much of a lightweight off a glass and a half of wine.”

Gladio decided honesty was the best policy. “I saw them topping you up, yeah.”

“And you said nothing,” Ignis accused, giving Gladio what would have been a stern look over the top of his glasses if Ignis wasn't that fraction too drunk to properly pull off stern.

“No, sir,” Gladio admitted, adding 'sir' like an afterthought.

Ignis inhaled, deep and slow, sticking his nose in the air. “Well then,” he said, “lock the door, and follow me.”

Gladio raised an eyebrow at the back of Ignis's head as he stalked off, shedding his jacket along the back of a chair on the way. He could quite like this slightly bossy, slightly drunk version of Ignis. It certainly didn't make him want to stop Noct and Prompto getting him drunk again. He turned away briefly, to lock the door properly, and then marched quickly to catch up to Ignis who walked straight into the bedroom.

Ignis shut the door behind him as soon as he entered, and then he came around Gladio's side and started unbuttoning Gladio's shirt with his lip held between his teeth. Gladio couldn't keep the raised eyebrow down, or the growing smirk off his face as Ignis pulled his shirt open and then ran his hands inside and up over Gladio's abdomen and chest with a contented sigh.

He could definitely get used to Ignis being like this. “Having fun?” He asked. It wasn't how a collar should address a master, but Gladio had learned a few things about Ignis in his time with him. The first was that Ignis was happiest when Gladio acted least like a collar. The second was that the collar was left at the bedroom door. It wasn't literally removed, but there was no 'sir', no quiet compliance, no surrender to demands to go on once that door had closed. If he did something, he had to be happy to do so, it was Ignis's only rule, and Gladio, who would happily stick his fingers, tongue, or cock just about anywhere so long as Ignis made those noises, and clawed at his hair or his back the way he did, was happy to comply. It had given him the freedom to suggest things, to try things on Ignis he'd been trained to do but had never done outside of training before. He'd got to pin Ignis to the bed with a hand against his back as he squirmed, face in the mattress while he'd worked him with his fingers until Ignis had begged for Gladio to take him. Then he'd got to ignore the begging and continue to fuck Ignis with just his hand until he'd driven Ignis past the point of coherence, so that when he finally had taken him Ignis had only needed the barest of touches to orgasm. He'd got to watch Ignis sink between his knees, Gladio's eyes meeting pretty pale green ones as his cock was sucked into Ignis's mouth, and he'd got to advise and instruct on where best for Ignis to run his tongue, how to brush his hand back through coarse hair to press the tip of a single finger inside. He'd got to see Ignis take a mouthful of his orgasm, pulling back before it was quite done so that the rest splashed across his cheek, and the result of such impropriety had not been scolding, but a sultry look that made Gladio want to do that one again. He'd got to suck, too, while Ignis's hand was tight in his hair, and he leaned back against an elbow, face turned to the ceiling, one leg propped on the edge of the mattress, half out of his clothes and looking more debauched than he ever had after any good fuck.

Gladio liked the rule. It made no practical difference to him, but it meant that Ignis relaxed in the bedroom enough to take as readily as he gave, and Gladio was finding he was developing a taste for what Ignis gave, too.

“You're going to make it up to me,” Ignis said, plainly, and Gladio smirked again as Ignis unfastened his own belt, and trousers.

“Am I?” Gladio asked, reaching forward to take hold of the buckle of Ignis's belt and pull at it, so it slid through the loops of Ignis's trousers, and tugged Ignis's hips in against his own in the process.

Ignis reached up and hooked a finger in his collar, and Gladio found his mouth dry with how hot that was as Ignis tugged just firmly enough that Gladio could feel the control it gave Ignis over him. “You are,” he confirmed, running a hand up along Gladio's chest again. He tugged the collar down with his finger, forcing Gladio down with it until Ignis's lips found his, and Ignis's tongue pressed for entry into his mouth.

Gladio let it in, relishing the feeling of Ignis taking his mouth, and paying him back just a little with his hands to Ignis's hips, tugging him closer for that bit of extra friction. Ignis allowed it, for a moment, tongue sliding against Gladio's in a way that was reminiscent of it sliding over other things, and then he pushed Gladio back with a hand. The stern look on his face was ruined a little by the flushed lips, and dark eyes, but that only made it better. “Strip,” Ignis said.

Gladio smirked. “You want me to put on a show?” He asked, plainly amused and hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his trousers. He was being cheeky, he knew, but between this unabashed, demanding side of Ignis, and the wine he'd drunk himself, he didn't see a reason not to be cheeky.

Ignis pressed a hand to Gladio's sternum, leaning in as his fingertips curled against the skin. “You already are,” he pointed out, his tone scolding. “Now do as you're told.”

Gladio couldn't have helped his wicked grin if he'd wanted to, and he removed his shirt, making sure to exaggerate the movement of his shoulder enough to show the flex and pull of muscle on his chest and in his arms as he did. He tugged his belt open, and then out, and Ignis took it from him, coiling it absently around his hand as he watched Gladio open his trousers, push them down, bend to tug them and his shoes off.

Gladio eyed the belt, wary and unsure. Ignis would never hit him, he knew; the man would be horrified at the suggestion, but his behaviour suggested he had plans for the belt. “What are you going to do with that?” He asked, opting for candour, instead of continued wariness. Ignis would be upset with him if he'd sat on a concern instead of voicing it here.

Ignis glanced down at the belt around his hand, and then flashed Gladio such a warm, genuinely affectionate little smile that Gladio felt his insides melt. Ignis's hand went to Gladio's hip, and urged him, guided him around so his back was to the bed. He gave a push that Gladio took as an instruction to sit, and he did, so he was looking up at Ignis. Ignis, who lifted one knee onto the bed beside Gladio's hip, and used a hand at his shoulder to steady himself as he brought his other leg up the same way and perched himself on Gladio's lap. His face was inches from Gladio's, and Gladio tucked his hands around Ignis's back to hold him steady there. “Nothing that will hurt,” he promised, softly. “I want to tie you up, if you'll let me?”

“I'll let you,” Gladio answered, his trust instant and complete. Even in his inebriated state, Ignis asked permission, and it was impossible not to find it endearing. He knew he was hard work, he'd said once, and the temptation had been there to tell him he had no idea. He was hard work, he was right, but he was only hard work because he was so obviously uncomfortable with being a master. If he could just come to terms with it, it'd be easier on everyone, and yet Gladio wouldn't wish for another master in his place. For all his flaws, Ignis was at least kind, and gentle, and well intentioned.

“Thank you,” he said, looking downwards so it was almost as if he'd closed his eyes. “If I were less intoxicated, I'd want to take you,” he said, his voice gentle, and his gaze flicking back upwards to catch Gladio in the intimacy of sudden eye contact, “as it is, I rather think I'd give you a poor experience in my current state.”

Gladio swallowed, the prospect of being taken being at once unnerving and exciting. He hadn't been trained for that, but he knew it couldn't be bad or they wouldn't have bothered to train him to do the taking. Ignis had told him, the first time he'd sunk to his knees between Gladio's thighs and Gladio had protested, that he was doing it not out of some notion of fairness, but because he wanted to see Gladio's pleasure, to control his enjoyment that thoroughly. He had the same look in his eyes now as he'd had then.

“I've wanted to do that ever since you pinned me to the bed and made me beg,” Ignis said, his voice soft as he leaned in and took a kiss from Gladio's lips. Gladio closed his eyes and let him, let Ignis press his mouth softly into Gladio's own, let his tongue press forward to meet and tease. It started sweet, and grew more intense as Ignis continued, kissing more firmly, showing a depth of want Gladio usually had to coax from him. Gladio tugged him closer on his lap, murmuring approval into Ignis's mouth as he had to push back to stay upright. Ignis was better at kissing than Gladio, and Gladio was better at almost everything else. Kisses weren't something collars did; freemen did it, between each other, but never with collars, and for most collars, their formative sexual experiences would be with masters. Kissing just wasn't something they learned.

Ignis had taught him, starting slow and sensual, with the brush of lips over lips and tongue tip teasing. When Gladio had got the idea, Ignis had moved on, then, showing Gladio how it felt to be pushed back into a chair and have his mouth taken until his breath was gone. Kisses, he'd learned, could mean so many things. They could speak of sweet affection, a gentle touch of intimacy done for its own sake when Gladio tucked Ignis back against his chest to read, or they could be questions, with the longer, lingering press of tongue and lidded eyes that invited Gladio to the bedroom.

Or they could be like this, and speak of desire, and the stirring of arousal, the slide of tongue and teeth against lips echoing the act that would follow. Ignis pushed with the weight of his entire body, and Gladio fell back against the bed, jolting when a hand encircled his cock and stroked him, while fingers gripped at his collar.

“You can take me if you want,” Gladio said, his voice raw as Ignis broke away, hand still working over Gladio's cock. The idea of Ignis, in this mood, nailing him was unbearably hot. Gladio hadn't been taken before, and Ignis was usually so worried about going too far, always nervous of issuing commands. It took work to get him to make a demand, to forget himself enough that he'd beg, and then order, and then plead for Gladio to let him finish, to take him harder, to keep doing that there, just there, to finish with the foreplay and just fuck him already.

Alcohol had done the work so Gladio didn't have to, and it was heavenly.

Ignis murmured, thoughtfully, and then gave Gladio a slight smirk and his cock an extra firm stroke as he replied, “I'm rather looking forward to this, now.” Ignis bent forward, stole another nipping kiss from Gladio, and then sat up, and removed himself from Gladio's lap. Gladio let him go with a touch of reluctance that dissipated when Ignis began unbuttoning his shirt one-handed. The man was drunk, and he could still do that, fingertips still nimble enough to slide buttons through buttonholes without even looking. “On the bed,” he instructed, when he had his shirt half undone and Gladio was still watching, slightly mesmerised by the slow reveal of pale skin.

The first time Gladio had seen Ignis without a shirt, he'd stared. He'd been with him for months before he'd caught Ignis exercising, so while he'd expected Ignis to be slender to the point of skinny, he hadn't expected the muscle tone he saw. It hadn't done much for Gladio's, at that point unfulfilled and rather desperate, desire to fuck Ignis silly, and he still enjoyed the view now.

Catching Ignis exercising hadn't helped either, but at least his desire to screw him senseless was no longer unfulfilled by then. It had made Gladio's breath catch and his heart pound to see Ignis in a handstand, carefully lowering one foot to touch the back of his own head. Hot and flexible was a dangerous combination.

The only thing better than watching Ignis, right now, was being ordered about by him, and that command to get on the bed sent a happy shiver down Gladio's spine. He obliged, shuffling up and back, lacing his fingers behind his head and crooking one knee so that his chest and abdominals and thigh muscles, and cock, were all on display. Ignis finished unbuttoning his shirt, and shoved his trousers and shoes off with less grace before he knelt onto the bed again, crawled up to Gladio, and then swung his leg over his stomach and looked down at him. “Arms,” he said, letting Gladio's belt unwind from around his hand with the slightly ominous, heavy scrape of leather over leather.

Gladio looked up at him with a smirk. Ignis was sporting an erection too, and his tone was firm and almost scolding. Gladio really wanted a chance to get used to this, because if he could wake up with this Ignis every day, he'd never have another problem. He did wake up with this Ignis every day, he thought, distantly, he was just usually so concerned with overthinking everything about how he approached anyone wearing a collar that he was never comfortable being like this. He was easily this bossy with Noctis, and even Prompto, but Gladio was different because Gladio was his, and Ignis didn't just have affection for him, like he did the other two, but actually loved him.

Gladio pulled his hands out from behind his head, but was just unco-operative enough to give Ignis a smirk and leave them apart, at either side of himself. He'd tell him in the morning, he decided, that tonight had been one of the best nights of his life, and if Ignis wanted to do this again without getting drunk first, Gladio would be very, very happy with that. Ignis needed the reassurance, he knew, but for now, Gladio played and teased and smirked because making Ignis command him was so much more fun.

Ignis gave him a displeased look, like a teacher that's marked a failing score on a pupil's test, and laid the belt out on the pillow, just above Gladio's head. Then he took hold of Gladio's wrists, one in each hand, and crossed them over for him before pushing them down against the belt. The movement and position meant he had to lean over, so the dangling hem of his shirt brushed Gladio's chest, and Gladio could see nothing but Ignis's own, nicely toned chest in front of his face. An extra press of Ignis's hand against his wrists was instruction to stay put as he grabbed the ends of the belt and slid the leather through the buckle. The leather scraped over Gladio's skin as Ignis pulled the belt until it was tight around them both, and then he took the long end of leather, and did something with that that brought it back through the leather holding Gladio's wrists a couple of times before he sat back, seemingly done. “Can you pull free?”

Gladio tried, finding that his hands had about an inch of movement in them, and the leather was too tight around his wrists for him to pull his hands through. He probably could do it, if he looked, and worked to unfasten whatever Ignis had done, but by pulling alone he was going nowhere. “No,” he answered.

Ignis looked satisfied with that, answering, “Good,” before he sat back again, over Gladio's stomach and removed his shirt. Gladio took in the view as Ignis discarded his shirt lazily to one side, something else he had to be drunk or already thoroughly disinhibited to do, and growled happily. He tilted his head as Ignis brought a hand to his chin, running a thumb over Gladio's lips, and fingers finding the bone of his jaw through his beard, and then applied a little pressure, making Gladio tilt his chin up before Ignis pressed down and invaded his mouth with another kiss. Hands pressed at his shoulders, and moved down, fingertips and just a hint of trimmed nail dragging over Gladio's chest.

He wanted to chase the feeling of Ignis's mouth when Ignis finally broke the kiss and pulled away. Ignis looked down at him appreciatively, fingers playing idly across his stomach, skipping across the swell of defined muscle like someone light-footed hopping over stones to cross a river. He landed on each in turn, and then made the journey back again before skidding upwards to Gladio's chest and circling a nipple. “You really are stunning,” Ignis said, quietly.

“I know,” Gladio replied, unable to restraint the hugely cocky grin that accompanied the words. Gladio was very sure of several things, and his own attractiveness was one of them. His sexual prowess was another. They marked a companion on those things, and a few others, and Gladio had received extremely good scores in them.

“You think you do,” Ignis told him, giving him a sharp look. “Do you know what my favourite part of you is?” he asked, leaning over Gladio again so he was close enough that Gladio wondered if he was about to be kissed again, and rather hoped he was.

The silence after the question lasted just long enough that Gladio realised he was expected to answer. “My cock?” he offered, lips pulling into a smirk.

“Delightful as that is,” Ignis replied, drily, and then trailed the backs of his fingers up Gladio's cheek, “it's your eyes.” He ran his thumb over the crest of bone below Gladio's left eye, and looked him dead in them both. “They really are beautiful,” he said, “full of warmth and mischief. I keep thinking how I'd love to blindfold you one day, and what I might do if I did, but it always seems like such a shame to cover them up.”

Gladio swallowed, shifting slightly at the thought of being blindfolded by Ignis, and what he might just take it into his head to do. Where would he put his mouth, or his hands? Gladio could think of a few places he'd want him to put them, and a couple places more he'd be happy to have Ignis's cock. “Don't know how I'd feel about being blindfolded,” he admitted, thrilled by the prospect and wary of it at the same time, because he was a very good bodyguard too and the prospect of being without a sense was unnerving.

“You could trust me,” Ignis said. “What would you do to me if you had me blindfolded?”

Gladio swallowed, the mental image of Ignis arching back into the bed with his eyes covered, hands grasping for Gladio bursting into his mind and refusing to leave. “Everything,” he said, after a few moments of thought, the ideas playing out in flashes in his imagination and he found it impossible to pick a favourite.

Ignis gave a curious, and happy sounding murmur. “Tell me,” he said, resting both of his hands against Gladio's chest and shifting his hips a little. “Tell me what everything would involve.”

Gladio looked at Ignis, inhaling sharply through his nose as he felt the brush of Ignis's ass against his cock, the touch light and teasing. Ignis met his eyes as he did it again, shifting his hips so that he brushed against Gladio again, urging him to talk. “I'd suck your cock first,” he said, eventually.

“Oh?” Ignis asked, his head tilting. “That seems almost pedestrian, why that?”

“It's just an opener,” Gladio defended, as Ignis settled carefully over his hips and turned his hands to himself, stroking carefully. Gladio tried to keep his eyes on Ignis's face, but it was hard to do that when the movement of his hands, slowly and gently stroking against his own cock lurked on the periphery of his vision. “It's my favourite thing to do to you,” he added, as explanation. “I like it when I'm on my knees, and when you're into it enough that you're not quite holding back how desperate you are to fuck my mouth. I like that I can do that to you when you're so fucking stiff the rest of the time; make you lose it just a bit.”

Ignis seemed to take that in, and then he murmured approvingly. “I'll give you that,” he admitted. “You said that's just an opener,” he prompted. “What follows?”

“I'd kiss you,” Gladio said, looking Ignis over from hips to lips, and let his gaze wander back down against slowly. “Pin your hands either side of your head and kiss you until you can't breathe. You go all relaxed when I get it right, so I'd make sure I got it right.” He saw Ignis close his eyes and swallow, and chalked up a victory for himself on that one. Ignis seemed to be into that idea. “Because then I'd flip you onto your face and keep kissing you until you squirmed.” He'd kiss him somewhere in particular he thought, toy his tongue over somewhere he'd never done it before just to see what the reaction was. He'd been trained for that, but never done it, not on a master anyway. It'd be fun to see if it got the favourable response his trainer seemed to think it would.

Ignis shifted his hips again, his skin brushing over Gladio's cock as he shifted down to settle himself below Gladio's hips, so Gladio's erect cock sat just in front of Ignis's own. Ignis took it in one delicate hand and stroked teasingly. “And then?”

Ignis's cheeks were flushing, Gladio realised, but the stroke of Ignis's hand over his cock made him groan a little. He wanted to reach down and grab Ignis, stroke his cock for him, roll him over into the bed and grab the lube and just go, nail his prostate and make him lose this damn composure already so the only words he cared about were 'harder', 'there', and Gladio's own name. The unconscious movement of his arms meant the leather pulled, and Gladio grumbled, slightly, shifting his hips instead. “I'd get the lube and fuck you with my hand,” he said, a devilish grin forming when Ignis stroked him a little more firmly than he thought Ignis intended in response.

“You'd make me beg again?” Ignis asked, his breath a little shorter than it had been.

“I'd bend over you and fuck you hard with my fingers,” Gladio purred, the memory being delightful, and the look of barely contained pleasure on Ignis's face at the prospect of it happening again making that all the better. “You loved it last time. I'd be right there this time, right in your ear, asking if you thought you wanted my cock enough yet.”

Ignis made a noise, somewhere between a gasp and a swallow, as if he couldn't decide which one to go with. “You really are very confident,” he said, a moment later, recovering from his momentary lapse in control. He let go of Gladio's cock, which brought a slight grumble of complaint from Gladio, and got up. “Keep talking,” he said, as he climbed off the bed and went to the bedside drawer.

Gladio laughed. “Hard not to be confident when you begged me to fuck you,” he pointed out. Those had been his words, too, and hearing Ignis swear had been almost as good as seeing him twist the sheets in his fist and gasp into them before repeating it with first a damn it, and then a please. “I definitely wanna make you do that again.”

“You might find that more difficult second time around,” Ignis replied, coolly. He shut the drawer and returned to the bed, and to Gladio's lap, flicking open the bottle of lubricant and squirting some into his hand.

“I'm willing to put the effort in,” Gladio replied, rolling his hips as Ignis settled back onto him so that his cock brushed against Ignis's thigh. “I've got myself off in the shower to the memory of that one a couple of times now.”

“The only thing more astounding than your self confidence is your libido,” Ignis murmured, applying his slick hand to Gladio's cock and stroking it firmly.

Gladio gasped and rolled his hips again, the leather straining at his wrists. “You're forgetting the condom,” he said.

“No I'm not,” Ignis replied, his eyes on Gladio's cock as he stroked, swirling his fingers around the head to give it a thorough and liberal coating, “I'm not using one.”

Gladio found his head suddenly empty, words escaping him for a little too long as he watched Ignis rise up on his knees and sink his hand back behind himself. He closed his eyes and arched his head back as he worked, giving a satisfied little sigh. “Ignis,” he said, transfixed for a moment, “you can't--”

“I think you'll find I can,” Ignis replied, smartly. He withdrew his hand, and dropped his head back to meet Gladio's eyes and fixed him with a smirk. He looked smug for a moment before he leaned forward, slipping his glasses off his nose and depositing them on the bedside before he leaned in close enough that the tip of his nose brushed Gladio's. “It seems the ability to render the other incapable of coherent speech goes both ways,” he commented, before he leaned in and pressed a long, yearning kiss to Gladio's mouth.

Gladio closed his eyes and arched up into it, the leather pulling at his wrists once more. Ignis's tongue moved into his mouth, greeted his tongue, and then made firm, passionate love to it until Gladio felt as thoroughly fucked as if he had actually just been thoroughly fucked. Then Ignis pulled away, and settled once more at his hips, taking Gladio's cock in hand and positioning it against himself.

Ignis was really about to do it, he realised. He was really about to take him in without a condom. Gladio had never had sex without a condom before. Masters treated sex with a collar as a bit of fun, a bit of easy relief, and while a collar might be readily fucked without one, Gladio had always been the penetrating one, and he'd always had a condom stuck on him for the master's health and convenience.

Ignis was-- “Fuck,” Gladio swore, as Ignis moved down and the head of Gladio's cock slipped inside him. It was tighter and hotter than he'd ever felt before, and Ignis felt like warm silk inside, all soft and smooth and absolutely divine. He'd felt this with his fingers, but he'd never, ever expected to feel it with his cock. Gladio groaned, and arched, and rolled his hips upwards, and then it was Ignis's turn to groan, settling himself down onto Gladio's hips, taking him all the way in.

“I want it like this,” Ignis said, his voice distant and hazy. “When you have me blindfolded, and finally get around to taking me,” he said, “take me like this. I don't want anything coming between us.”

Gladio groaned again, half at the words, and half at the sensation of Ignis around his cock. Every little movement and flex of muscle seemed to be magnified. He groaned again when Ignis started to move, his rise being met with Ignis's pleasured murmur, and then Gladio echoed it when Ignis sank down again. He pulled against the belt around his hands, suddenly sorry he'd let Ignis tie him up. As amazing as it was to watch Ignis move, his body roll as he rode Gladio, Gladio desperately wanted to reach out, grab his hips. He wanted to push Ignis back a little, position him properly so that when he sank down Gladio's cock would hit his prostate and Ignis would see stars. He wanted to see the look on Ignis's face when he managed that from this position.

“Put your hands on my thighs,” he said, between his own gasps and growls of pleasure because Ignis felt fucking amazing, “and keep going.”

Ignis gasped again, and then he did, leaning back and resting his hands on Gladio's legs, so Gladio could feel him push with his hands and his legs as he rose up. He brought his legs up, just a little, adjusting Ignis's position for him, and he knew he'd got it spot on when Ignis came back down and yelped, and then swore. Sheer pleasure was written across his face, and Gladio grinned to himself.

“Like that,” he said, his voice a low, happy growl. “That's perfect.”

Ignis swore again in response, and then resumed his steady ride, his gasps and swears turning into steadily more urgent and louder cries as he took Gladio in over and over. Gladio himself was holding onto his control with the skin of his teeth, watching and hearing Ignis delirious with pleasure as he fucked himself being almost more than Gladio could take, and that was before he factored in the sensation of Ignis's, hot, slick, bare flesh surrounding Gladio's cock.

“You can come,” Ignis said, before crying out again as he brought himself down once more, “don't wait for me.”

Gladio growled, pulling against the leather around his wrists hard. “Fuck, I wanna give you a hand,” he complained.

Ignis just smirked lazily at the ceiling as he rose up again, and then came down once more. “Not this time,” he said, his voice lilting and taunting. “Stop holding back.”

Gladio growled, watching Ignis ride down onto his cock again, and then gritted his teeth. “Can you go a little faster?” He asked, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Certainly,” Ignis replied, adjusting the position of one leg slightly, and then doing just that. Gladio lasted through another few seconds before he cried out and came hard inside Ignis, who looked utterly delighted, eyes open as he watched Gladio orgasm. He shifted, then, taking his hands away from Gladio's thighs and riding a little faster still as Gladio's orgasm ebbed and he swore, while Ignis stroked himself.

He stilled with Gladio all the way inside him, and then shuddered and came, spilling across Gladio's stomach with a lewd moan. “Fuck,” Gladio repeated, for emphasis, watching Ignis arch through the last of his orgasm and able to feel the tightening of muscles inside him. He felt weak, and fuzzy at the edges, and he wanted nothing more than to fold Ignis into his arms, nuzzle into his hair and tell him how amazing he was.

Instead he lifted his knees, digging his heels into the bed. Ignis looked back muzzily at the movement, and then smiled, and leaned back against Gladio's thighs gratefully. “I'll untie you in a moment,” he said, sounding thoroughly and utterly fucked, and looking absolutely delightful for it. “Just give me a moment.”

“Take all the time you need,” Gladio said, happily dazed and grinning at Ignis. “This is one hell of a view.”
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